Wednesday, November 16, 2011


this weekend some customers paid me some very nice compliments & gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. it's one thing to receive compliments from family & friends, but it's a whole 'nother story to receive them from people i don't even know.

over the past fews weeks, i've noticed a few faces coming back time & time again - my newest regulars. this weekend they made me very happy. they told me how they had replaced ordering in or picking up takeout, with my food. or that, my product may be a teensy bit out of their price range but they still buy it every week to have delicious food to look forward to.

when hammering out the details of this business and figuring out the positioning of the brand, i wanted it to be a replacement for restaurants or the dreaded frozen food aisle. the value is added by not dealing with the hassle of shopping, cooking or cleaning up and coupled with all of the time that saves. also, by sourcing many ingredients locally and preparing them with care, hopefully (fingers crossed), the end product is something that people wouldn't typically whip up on a thursday night.

one customer told me that the food she purchased from me wasn't something that she could even find in a restaurant in halifax... yay! that was exactly what i was going for. and when you think about it, it's cheaper as well. my main courses range from $7.50 - $12.50 per person. that's much less than i would expect to pay when eating out, compounded by saving on tip & marked up wine.

don't get me wrong, i love eating out - not having to do any work, enjoying the ambience & being looked after. and i understand that the restaurant industry is brutal - there is an 80% failure rate. the margins on food are slim, the overheard is steep and the industry is extremely competitive. i wish them well and i would love to see the restaurant industry in halifax prosper & grow, but i also realize that not everyone has the time or the disposable income to eat out every night and that is where i tried to position my product.

i love to cook, i love to bake & i love dreaming up new concoctions. the compliments i received this weekend reaffirmed that i'm doing an ok job at it and filling a need within the local market.



  1. That is the most rewarding part, isn't it? When people come back and thank you and compliment you. I think a lot of people think it, but so few say it. Their words are like a gift that gives us that extra boost to keep the inspiration fresh! I love your din dins too. Speaking of... I'm out of my favourite Chicken Leek pies! I'm at the craft fairs all month, but will be stocking up first weekend in December. x

  2. that's exactly why we buy your meals - to replace the take-out/fast-food. we can get something much healthier, and tastier, for the price we pay! we'll be back buying more stuff soon. our tiny freezer is full from my 2 months of unemployment, but that won't last too much longer! thank you for doing what you do! after a long week of working, it's nice to go to the freezer and pull out a Little Red Kitsch'n meal, open a bottle of wine, and relax!