Friday, April 5, 2013

menu time

it has been another jam-packed week around here. i've added biweekly deliveries. last night i catered a cocktail party until the wee hours. and i still had all of my regular market prep to do. thankfully, i was pretty organized and only have frostings left to make - yay sleep!

you wouldn't know it to look outside right now, but summer is on its way. this week i incorporated a lot of my favourite bbq flavours into my cooking - cumin, lime, cilantro & chipotle. 

my bbq sauce selection has been nonexistent for the past two weeks so i restocked the chipotle lime. it's not crazy spicy but does have a bit of a kick & works really well with just about anything from burgers to chicken to salmon to... there are small & large jars available. 
small=250ml for $5 large=500ml for $7.50

my timing was spot on as well since this week's new main course is chipotle chicken. i super slow-roasted chicken with lots of herbs & spices. then i shredded the meat, removed any fat & mixed in lots of bbq sauce. it's served over rice with black bean & corn succotash and then everything gets topped with pepperjack cheese.
comme ca:

small $10 large $20

after a very long absence vegan chili has also made its way back on to the menu. it's chock full of flavour & you won't miss the meat. there are bell peppers, onions, garlic, chick peas, kidney beans, black beans, corn, chipotle, pickled chillies, lime & cilantro. it's packaged like a soup & you get great bang for your buck with this one.

all the salads are packed up & ready to go. i made beet, broccoli & sweet potato which are all pretty much the same as usual. this week i threw a quinoa salad in to the mix as well. it has a lot of springtime flavours with radishes, asparagus, fresh herbs & lemon (vegan & gluten-free as well).

last weekend was my zaniest yet when it comes to cupcakes. 

easter was bananas! trouble is my brain is still stuck on easter & i think i baked too many cupcakes for a regular weekend - oops.
flavours are:
red velvet-raspberry
pink grapefruit
banana-peanut butter
double chocolate
paleo chocolate-coconut

the rest of the assortment remains the same & don't forget the goat's milk fudge.

i just made 2 kilos of it!!! one brick is destined for obladee & i'll have the other with me at the market. i've been slicing it to order so it doesn't dry out. a slice is comparable to a mini cupcake & priced the same @ $1 each.

okee dokes, a few finishing touches & then sleep time. see you over the weekend!

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