Friday, June 14, 2013

been pretty productive around here

today i've been thinking back on this week & am seriously dumbfounded by just how much food i made... not to mention how many dishes i dirtied. for some strange reason i decided to make three main courses & a new batch of soup along with two extra catering gigs on my plate.

it's been awhile since i've had any pulled pork on the menu so this week i replenished. the first is a regular menu item: asian-inspired pulled pork. the pork shoulder is from getaway farm & slowly braised in ginger, garlic, soy, sesame & secret herbs & spices. it's served with rice, bean sprouts, roasted broccoli, pak choy, chillies, lime & green onions. 

this recipe started out as a take on my grandmother's sparerib recipe that i grew up on, but now it's a whole new beast with chinese 5-spice & a touch of red curry paste. it's a little sweet, a little sour & not crazy spicy. definitely one of the most popular dishes i make.
small $10  large $20

the next main is a brand new concoction. i love mexican food. i love tomatillos. i love cilantro. i love hominy. soooo i made a new dish that incorporates them all. it's a chili verde pork shepherd's pie. so i braised the pork (from getaway farm of course) in tomatillos, cumin, green chillies & other aromatics. then i shredded it & added red bell pepper, cilantro, green onions & hominy.

ps: pulled pork is not exactly photogenic but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in flavour.
this mixture is layered on the bottom & topped with super cheesy pepperjack potatoes to turn it in to a 'shepherd's pie.' i've been dreaming about this one for a long time so i hope you enjoy my new invention :)
small $10  large $20

the third main is a fresh batch of salt cod fish cakes. i'm from a fishing village so these have been a staple in my diet for many years. i like to make mine a bit more modern with a touch of lemon, dill & a panko crust.
$10 for 4 or $15 when combined with baked beans

there's also a new batch of chicken stew in the freezers. i made this one a little thinner & lighter since it is supposed to be summer... but it's still loaded with lots of root veggies & homemade stock.

i have officially filled all four of my freezers to capacity. i really hope it's a busy weekend so i can clear some room!

the salads will be broccoli, beet & sweet potato. they are the best sellers by far. i might make a quinoa too but i'm pretty exhausted.

i catered a big breakfast function this morning & per usual i went overboard. the menu was:
asparagus & gruyere quiches
lemon scones with homemade rhubarb-raspberry jam
bacon cheddar breakfast brioches
blueberry & flax muffins
berry and yogurt parfaits with homemade granola
fresh fruit trays

it was a really pretty set up this morning too. unfortunately i'm always rushing when i cater & don't take time for photos.

on wednesday i also did up a bunch of sweet trays for the final public engagement session at the market. there were cupcakes & cookies. i made old-school chocolate chip cookies. i NEVER make them & it was sort of nostalgic & nice. not gonna lie, i ate my fair share of dough.

ok i had better get back to work. i'm in the final stretch now - just salads, frostings & labelling left & hopefully a couple extra hours of sleep.

hope to see you all this weekend :)

oh yeah, rhubarb cheesecakes will be a new addition to my table this week. 
and don't forget, the dates i will be away are june 23, june 30, july 6 & july 7.

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  1. HI :) I'm the chick who buys your cuppycakes! Here's the review on Yelp I promised. You're adorable by the way ;)